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I go to work clean, and every night I come home covered in sugar and other things. I am an American factory worker.

By the way, if you want to see some cool stuff, here's some dude's I think are special and deserve praise.

:iconcheddarbird: This guy's a good friend.
:icondaymond42: Some of the coolest StarFox pic's around.
:icondesgar: Great Personality
:iconjgquintel: Who knew the next big thing was going to be a stoner BlueJay and an ADHD Raccoon?
:iconmdtartist83: This guy deserves employment at Marvel.
:iconoldblueford: if you click this, you're a moron.
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I’m writing this to solidify the story on Ian Van Kesley.

Ian’s people are of the Homeworld.  I haven’t come up with a name for this planet yet, and probably won’t name it, because it’s really unimportant.  In 1972 ET (Earth Time) the homeworld had won a war with the nearby planet of Draphus.  The Draphites, are human, where as the Homeworld is all Zoosapians (“furry” is the racist word here).  They won with the help of Cyberians; Cyborg men and women created by the Zoosapians for the purpose of winning the war.  

    It wasn’t long before the Cybers started questioning their existence and purpose.  Wanting to be free they started a war in 1976 ET.  The Zoos were unprepared.  After a long and drawn out war, the remaining population of Zoos decided to flee the Homeworld in January 1981 ET.  

    They landed on Earth on March 1, 1981.  They took to Earth and the countries of the world accepted them as refugee population, with the vast majority taking to America.  Ian Van Kelsey was born April 12, 1981 in New York City.  He was the first of his people born in America and on Earth.

    Ian grew up an only child to his parents, skunks Steve Van Kesley and Lindsey Van Kesley who decided to give him discipline by converting to Catholicism.  His father was a baker and his mother was a 3rd grade teacher.  However, he was not alone, growing up with his “hoodlum” friends.  

    In his youth Ian loved skateboarding, grunge music, and cartoons.  He also showed some talent on the piano, playing in church many times growing up.  At 12 years old, his father bought an old Pontiac GTO Convertible which they restored together, and would drive up to their upstate cabin in in the summertime.  At 15 years old, Ian’s neighborhood was caught in a drive-by shooting, killing his best friend.  It was at that moment he decided he was going to be a policeman.

    Shortly after graduation top of his class in high school, he joined the NYC Police Academy.  He graduated from there at age 20, and was officially apart of the force as of September 1, 2001.  His first major assignment was 10 days later, on September 11th.  On that day he personally rescued 6 people from the North Tower before it went down.  Little to his knowledge, his father was trapped inside the South Tower during a doughnut delivery.  His father perished when the tower collapsed.  This would go to haunt Ian for a long time, blaming himself for being on the wrong side of the WTC.

    In 2002 he married his high school sweetheart, Angela McKenna, another skunk, and in 2005 their son, David Van Kesley, would be born.

    In December of 2012, Ian’s career, his life, his entire world would be shattered, as the Soviet Republic of Cyberia, that had plagued his people before, invaded Earth.  They ousted governments and took control of local governments, making NYC their capital.  Police officers were offered the choice to remain organic so long as they served in aiding the new government keep control of their new subjects.  Ian refused and quit the force and escaped in the GTO

    People were kidnapped, and forced to be turned into Cybers.  Those who could, escaped to the countryside.  Ian’s family was also kidnapped.  He managed to break them out before they were converted, but they failed to avoid a roadblock about a mile down the road, but in the panic they crashed.  Angie and David were killed in the accident, and Ian was knocked unconscious.  He was pulled from the wreck by Amos Moses, who happened to be passing through in his tow truck.  They gave Angie and David a quick funeral by a river.  Amos towed the convertible to Ian’s family cabin, just outside of the small town of Hollow Brook, New York.

    Since then the two have been inseparable friends.  Running “Robin Hood” missions against the Republic to aid the remaining Organics (non-cyborgs).

    10 years later, the Republic hasn’t been able to capture much of the countryside and rural areas of the country due to lack of forces; however, their current leader, Robert Kruschev Ivanovich has had his top scientists working on a way to transport the rest of their forces from the Homeworld to Earth, and finish the invasion they started.  Meanwhile, his oldest daughter, Tanya, has been sneaking out of the city at night and mingling with the Organics.  She sees their plight and feels their pain, and wants to figure out a way to restore power to them.  Her father upon learning this, is outraged, and plans to have her reformatted.  She promptly runs away, to the countryside, and almost gets run over by Ian, while he’s on a solo mission.  He picks her up and guns down the goons chasing her.  Then gets involved in his mission to hijack a train carrying medical supplies...

    This is the beginning of the series.

    Ian is haunted by the constant shadow of death, especially by those he’s loved.  He often described by those around him as a “walking combat zone”.  He smokes frequently and drinks often.  He’s attempted suicide multiple times, each time failing or backing out for various reasons.  Through it all however, he sticks to his code, “To serve and protect...” and values his motto, “Patience, Guts, Integrity”.  

    His standard dress is a dirty grey tanktop and blue slacks with worn dress shoes and a brown cross draw gun belt with a vintage NYPD belt buckle.  His main loadout is a Colt King Cobra .357, nightstick, green dye pepper spray, flashbang grenades, taser knuckles, walkie talkie, handcuffs, a dental mirror (to see around corners), and a Kodak Disc camera.

    Occasionally he wears a kevlar vest and carries an M4 assault rifle.

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Hey, dude. I just thought I'd drop by to share these songs in particular. These were some of my favorite rock songs in the 90s. And they still hold some nostalgic value for me today.………

oldblueford Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A lot of punk rock, huh?  Sweet.  Was always really into grunge, myself.  Really dig that one by Mr. Big.  Let me turn you on to some rare gems.………
Hey, man. Sorry for the late response. But thanks for sharing those songs with me. Those were pretty soothing. I always had a liking to that sort of style. By the way, I just thought I'd drop by to share this with you. This is a compilation of all the weird, bizarre, and random dreams I remember having. You may find some of them to be a bit weird and random (which is the case with most dreams), and you may find some of them to be interesting. But read this only when you have the time to. It's divided into several parts, and I've not yet completed all of them. But this is what I've got so far. Enjoy.…
oldblueford Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, let me take a look.
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Just thought I'd share this with you.…
Hey, dude. Have you ever read any of my film reviews? And have you ever seen any shitty movies before? Well, here's a review I made on a REALLY shitty movie that I didn't know about until many years later. Read this on your own time.…
oldblueford Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will read it when I can.  Promise.
Take your time. I don't want to pressure you.
Hey there. I just thought I'd drop by to ask you this. I know I asked this question in an earlier entry I wrote a while back. But I was just wondering. What would happen if Blitz died? Do you think the Road Rovers would cry and mourn over his death? Or would they be quick to get over it seeing how they disliked him so much?
oldblueford Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I apologize in advance for being cynical about this, but let me tell you Matt, this is how I view the whole Blitz situation.  I'm going to say outright, that not having watched the show when it was on the air, nor having any warm Saturday morning memories of it it, I'm an outsider.  I was already an adult when I started noticing the Road Rovers, and went into it viewing it as an adult might when viewing a child's cartoon.  Blitz is a spaz.  Blitz is also vain, egotisical, and sometimes downright fruity.  However, Blitz is a nice guy.  I think that, if by combat or natural causes, if Blitz were to die, yes they'd mourn him.  Maybe more so than any of the other memebers out of sadness because of his undying innocence and out of guilt for the way they picked on him.  Out of all the trouble he causes, he's still a Rover, and as a Rover he'd be laid to rest.  What you see as their hate, isn't hate at all, but more of what I call "little brother syndrom".


I don't know if you have siblings, but if you do, you should know what I'm talking about.  He acts the youngest (and he very well could be), so he gets picked on.  Not saying that it's right, but yes, that's the way it is.  Doing an analyisis of personality, I think he has a mild case of Aspergers.  He can laugh and joke normally, but he seems to have trouble with sarchasm, over sensitivity to insults, and in most cases I would say he's socially inept.  Blitz is also a victim of his era.  Remember, Road Rovers is in the 1990's.  Back then we were just starting to recognize Aspergers an actual condition, and information wasn't widely available like it is today.  Lack of information and with Internet still in it's infancy there was no real way to just look it up.  It's not like they could just walk into a shrink's office and get help, being furries in a human world.


Now trust me in this, that I grew up surrounded by extreme pshycological conditions of all types; I think that if Blitz were to die, the Rovers would crumble.  Colleen would feel the most guilty because she was the most outright rude.  I think her personality would lead her to moderate to sever alcoholism with the possibility of abusing pain killers, and being the team medic, she's got access to everything, from Tylenol an Vicodin to Oxycodin and Morphine.  She would no longer be able to perform her duty safely.  Exile and Hunter would no doubt seek revenge in the most terrible manner.  We're talking about a pair of Liam Nelsons here.  In this state of aggression to avenge a fallen team mate, torture and executions would not be far from them, Exile more than Hunter due to his oldworld Russian upbringing.  Shag would spend may join Colleen in subtance abuse or leave, I'm not really sure about him.  He doesn't have much of a personality.  Same with Muzzle to be honest, other than that we know he was probably a serial rapist before Hunter let out the pound like a fool and without the others there, he would probably return to his grizzly deeds.  The scientist guy didn't seem too awful close to any of the Rovers so his life might just go on, with a touch of sympathy as you might feel when you hear a friend's aunt passed away, but not much more than that.  So yes, they would mourn, and go beyond that.  Like what you see as hate, I just see as teasing.

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