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I go to work clean, and every night I come home covered in sugar and other things. I am an American factory worker.

By the way, if you want to see some cool stuff, here's some dude's I think are special and deserve praise.

:iconcheddarbird: This guy's a good friend.
:icondaymond42: Some of the coolest StarFox pic's around.
:icondesgar: Great Personality
:iconjgquintel: Who knew the next big thing was going to be a stoner BlueJay and an ADHD Raccoon?
:iconmdtartist83: This guy deserves employment at Marvel.
:iconoldblueford: if you click this, you're a moron.
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Zuckermann Creek is a small fictional town in upstate New York, and the setting for the first part of the Polecat series.  It's a small town with a population of 521.  It's main features are Thorny's Tavern, St. Christopher Church, Phoenix Pharmacy, and the body of water for which it's named, Zuckermann Creek.  Ian Van Kesley is the town sheriff, however he doesn't live in town, rather 5 miles out of it, in a location he keeps secret.  Amos Moses serves as the deputy.

Main Street runs north/south with the majority of the businesses on the south side of the river.  Many of the downtown buildings in this town date back to the late 1700's, built either during or shortly after the American Revolution.

Thorny's Tavern is the major business in town.  It's an old colonial style building that sits along Main Street facing west next to the river and bridge.  The building itself is old, dating back to 1780, built during the American Revolution.  It's served as a tavern over the past 240 years but wasn't always owned by the current bartender, Thorny.  Back during the prohibition of the 1920's, the building had been converted into a dentist's office, with a speakeasy in the basement.  Now in the 2020's it serves, not only as a bar, but town hall when needed.  The interior of Thorny's includes modern accommodations including electricity powered by a Plasma Cell Generator in the basement, running water, and central heating.  The bar is along the back wall, facing the door and the tavern has a stage along the north wall featuring the Lee Klein Band as live entertainment. 
On the outside of the building, on the opposite side of the river, is a metal staircase leading up to Ian's in town sheriff's office and the city jail.  There's a dirt lot behind the building that has parking for up to 6 cars, which usually just has Ian's GTO and Thorny's 1947 Packard Clipper.

Also running along the staircase side of the building is Colorado Street.  On the southeast corner of Main and Colorado is a colonial row building that includes running north to south, the Liberty Cafe (home to the Glory Burger), Goodman's Vacuum Repair, and the law offices of Henley and Burns.  Across the street from Thorny's on the northwest corner of Main and Colorado is the Phoenix Pharmacy.  The pharmacy also serves as a trading post and is a notable place along many different merchant routes in the area including the Bangor Caravan Company, to which it serves as the last stop.  On the southwest corner of Main and Colorado is another colonial row building which includes running north to south the Zuckermann Creek Tobacco Store, Heffy's Gun Store, and a clothing store known as Mother Gale's Closet ran by Maxine Gale.

The north end of town across the bridge is mostly residential, but has Amos' Vehicle Repair on the east side of Main, facing west, across the river from Thorny's.  Amos' Vehicle Repair resides in an old Quonset hut surrounded by a paved lot and chain link fence.  There's a gate facing Main Street and a gate facing Young Street, which runs east/west along the north side of Amos' Vehicle Repair.  Towards the back of the lot is a radio tower and a tool shed.  The eastern side of the Quonset hut features a large garage door that can accommodate vehicles as large as a Greyhound Bus.  Behind Amos' Vehicle Repair, facing north along Young Street is Zuckermann Used Cars, ran by Terry Gale, who is Maxine Gale's husband.  Across Main Street from Amos' is the Fire Station, and across Young from the Fire Station is St. Christopher Church, ran by Father Glenn Loggins, a Zoosapian Wolf who is a Catholic Priest and also the mayor of Zuckermann Creek.  Next to the church is the Zuckermann School building, which is a large building that used to serve as school for all grades.  With over 300 rooms, a gymnasium, a pool, and a fully stocked chemistry lab, it now serves as a free of charge inn to weary passerby and those displaced by the Cyberians.  It also serves as a community center.  Behind the firehouse facing north on Young is Dr. Turner's office.  The clinic is run out of a double wide mobile home sitting on top of a basement foundation.  Generally in the front lawn sits Doctor Turner's 1970 Suburban Ambulance.

Across Young from Doctor Turner's is a low power radio station, 99.1 WZYY FM, a local rock station that operates with a scrambler so to avoid Cyberian interference.  The morning DJ is the ever energetic General Billy Washington, and the evening DJ is the ever cool Daisy Jane.  Running next to the church is a still active railroad track, and behind the Conoco station facing south on Young Street is the train station, Young Street Junction, that serves as both a passenger and freight depot.

Across Young from Amos' is an old Conoco gas station.  On the far north end of town is an abandoned S-Mart retail store.  (Yes, that's a blatant Army of Darkness reference.) 

There's obviously a little more to the town, but that's all I've got planned out for now.  Tell me what you think.

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