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Hello Moto by oldblueford
Hello Moto
I was bored at work, so I started sketching one of our radios, and having watched Brave Little Toaster just a few nights before led me to give it facial features.  He's a Motorola UHF handheld police radio with a key ring around his antenna.  Just like we usually do with our keys at work.  No, I'm not a cop, though, I'm only a security officer at a computer factory.

That dark band on his antenna would be blue if it were colored.  At work we color code our radios, to prevent a mix up, blue for security, green for our engineers, and red is for our Emergency Response Team.
Churn of the Century  by oldblueford
Churn of the Century
Here's a picture of an old fashioned churn from about 1912. Saw this in the Depot Museum in Mena, Arkansas. This would have been used for butter or ice cream, or some thing dairy.
1940's Portable Radio by oldblueford
1940's Portable Radio
Yes, it is portable. The Titanic was technically portable too. But in all seriousness this is pretty Cool. I wouldn't mind owning one myself.
Sage and Zarrobe (Modern Style) by oldblueford
Sage and Zarrobe (Modern Style)
It's been awhile since my last post and figured I'd break from my Polecat project for something a little different.  Recently my friend :iconmdtartist83: discovered a pair of long lost action heroes, who went by the name Sage and Zarrobe, one being a male, ray gun wielding dog and the other being a swashbuckling, female cat.   He has no idea where they came from, and neither do I, but I like the characters enough from what he did to do my own take on it.  

This is what I think they would look like in a more 21st Century style.

Sage, the dog, now sports a $1200 fine tailored suit, matching pants and tie, and $400 custom fitted dress shoes.  A real dog about town.  In his hands he has something that kicks more than a ray gun: a Mossberg 500 Super Short 12 Gauge shotgun.

Zarrobe, to keep with the melee theme, now sports a women's baseball uniform with her initial embroidered on the chest, complete with baseball cleats.  And to keep with the baseball theme, her weapon is now a baseball bat, perfect for beating down any and all targets.


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United States
I am a Security Officer at a place that needs securing.

By the way, if you want to see some cool stuff, here's some dude's I think are special and deserve praise.

:iconcheddarbird: This guy's a good friend.
:icondaymond42: Some of the coolest StarFox pic's around.
:icondesgar: Great Personality
:iconjgquintel: Who knew the next big thing was going to be a stoner BlueJay and an ADHD Raccoon?
:iconmdtartist83: This guy deserves employment at Marvel.
:iconoldblueford: if you click this, you're a moron.
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There is a major difference between being sad and depressed. Most people can't separate the two, and most people never will, but believe me when I say there is a difference. When you're sad, there's still a silver lining. There's things you can do to cheer yourself up. If your beloved pet dies there's things you can do to ease the sadness, like let's say ice cream makes you feel better. When you're depressed it's different, no amount of ice cream, or candy, or music or anything can make you feel better, and while there's usually a way to cope, most of the time those things only make it worse. When a bout of depression hits happiness DOES NOT EXIST. At all. Period. It's like when you're a little kid and you tell your parents want a pet dragon. They don't exist, no matter how much you want them to, and there is nothing in this universe that can allow them to exist. It's the same way. There's no better way to explain it.

It also affects everyone differently. I admit that I have it, and for me it comes in cycles, I can go months without feeling it, but then I'll wake up, and I just don't want anything to do with the world anymore. Some people feel it all the time, it never goes away. Ever. Unfortunately for others, like our now late friend Robin Williams, they can only see one way out. For those of you who don't have it consider yourself lucky, but you will NEVER truly understand it. Don't even think for a minute that you can understand, because you can't. You simply can't, just like the dragons. However, don't think for a minute that means you can't get involved. It is a real disease, you should take time to understand this. If you know someone who says they're depressed, encourage them to seek medical help. Talk to them and comfort them if they'll accept it, if they don't give them their space. And for the love of God, if the seem like they could harm themselves or they will harm themselves, don't be afraid to notify the authorities as soon as possible. This is key no matter what. If you think someone is going to end their life, don't get yourself hurt, call for help then try to talk them down.

No one wants to see a loved one institutionalized, but would you rather see them in a casket?

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Blue-and-Gold Macaw by SarahVlad

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Teenager by Annika-Z

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i miss you... by BaxiaArt

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